Kwai Hung Construction Co., Ltd., a fully owned subsidiary of Kwai Hung Group, was established in the year of 1982.
Kwai Hung Construction's main activities include new development construction, old building renovation,
old building maintainance, and all kinds of renovation projects.

Kwai Hung Construction has been working closely with its partent company Kwai Hung Group to explore new fronts
in property development, taking charge of all the construction tasks. Over the past 26 years, Kwai Hung Construction
has completed construction of 23 property development projects. Projects include luxury apartment buildings in
the Peak and Mid-levels area, multi-storey apartment buildings, townhouses, high-rise commercial buildings,
industrial buildings and warehouses, etc.

Recently, Kwai Hung Construction has been assisting its parent company Kwai Hung Group to renovate old buildings
in order to expand Kwai Hung Group's business to the serviced aparments sector.

We, Kwai Hung Construction, will try out very best to develop high quality homes and provide excellent services
to citizens of Hong Kong in the coming years.